Get Dentures In One Day

Denture Frequently Asked Questions

How is it that Butler Dental can make dentures and acrylic partials in one day?

Our office has a lab in the office, as well as a dentist you would see, which enables us to make one-day dentures and partials. All material used by our lab is ADA approved and all OSHA guidelines are followed.

What is a reline?

A reline is a refitting of a patient's denture or partial to the mouth. This procedure can also be done in one day. Impressions are made in the morning and the denture/partial is delivered in the afternoon.

What is the difference between an acrylic partial and a cast metal partial?

An acrylic partial is more temporary and more for looks not as much as function (chewing), where as the cast metal partial is more long term and is for function (chewing) as well as looks. Cast metal partials take two weeks to complete.

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