Partial Dentures in Butler, AL

Dentures are a familiar concept to many; particularly those with dental health issues facing a need for tooth replacements. When presented with the idea, traditional complete dentures with false gums typically come to mind. While complete dentures are great for those who have lost most or all of their natural teeth, they are not the only form of dentures available. Partial dentures exist as an option for patients with most of their teeth in both the upper and lower jaw. They provide a removable, less expensive, and surgery free alternative to fixed bridges and implants. Learn about our partial dental pricing or contact us, today, to schedule an appointment!

What are Partial Dentures?

Just as the name suggests, partial dentures are a removable replacement of one or more missing teeth and associated gum tissue, used to help restore the appearance and function of your jaw. Partial dentures can be made for patients that still have viable teeth remaining. Like complete dentures, the assembly is made of acrylic and metal, with replacement teeth set in a gum-colored base. As the denture itself stays in place by affixing to remaining natural teeth, this can be done via a metal framework with clasps or with precision attachments.

Partials dentures are generally less expensive to make compared to the cost of other tooth replacement methods, especially complete dentures which would require removing your remaining teeth―an operation reserved for when few or no healthy teeth remain.

Along with hiding the gaps left by missing teeth and allowing you to eat food more easily, partial dentures serve a vital role in maintaining the health of your remaining teeth and gums. When you are missing some of your teeth, the others may move to compensate against the altered bite pressure; in conjunction with the supportive tissues and bone at the site of the missing teeth shrinking. This serves as an issue because it can change the structure of the mouth, including the jawbone and lower facial muscles.

In addition to altering your appearance, the resulting changes risk further harm to your remaining teeth and the functioning of your jaw. Therefore, partial dentures offer more benefits beyond merely replacing the teeth in your mouth. Learn more about partial dentures by contacting us directly.

Partial Dentures Versus Implants and Bridges

As far as tooth replacement options go, implants and bridges are better known to most folks than partial dentures. However, partial dentures have some distinct advantages over the two:
  • Partial dentures don't require surgery; implants have to be rooted in the bone and gums, while bridges need the teeth on either side of the gap to be prepared by removing some of the enamel. Patients who fear surgery, or the medical costs thereof, can take comfort in partial dentures.
  • Partial dentures are a safer option than implants when the underlying bone is compromised by disease, trauma, or in conditions where the patient's healing after surgery would be slowed, e.g., chronic illness or tobacco use.
  • Partial dentures do need to be affixed to nearby teeth like bridges, but the impact on these teeth is considerably lower. Even in cases where a crown is used to permit attachment, they may require less enamel to be removed.
  • Partial dentures are less expensive to produce and require less preparation before they can be fitted. In fact, at Butler Dental, we pride ourselves in being able to have dentures ready for the patient within a matter of days rather than weeks―often as little as one day!

Caring for Your Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are custom-made for each patient. Dr. Julie Utsey, will go over the options for you and explain how to use and care for yours. There are some common questions and concerns on how they work, but in many ways, they share a lot with complete dentures. Here are some tips for ensuring your partial dentures look and function their best:
  • It is normal for the denture to feel awkward in the mouth, and in time you grow accustomed to its presence and how to insert and remove it. Note any instructions your dentist gives you for how and when to wear it. Some adjustments may be needed early on, especially when tissues shrink or move.
  • Partial dentures are made so you can wear them while eating. At first, you should stick to soft foods in small bites as you adjust, and avoid sticky or hard foods.
  • Use a brush and cleaner explicitly made for dentures; a regular soft-bristled toothbrush can suffice, but toothpaste may be harsh on them. Ask your dentist for suggested cleaners.

Personalized Care in Butler, Alabama

At Butler Dental, we strive to serve our patients; not just as patients but as people. Dental health problems can be stressful, from the discomfort and loss of self-esteem caused by lost teeth to treatments that often seem daunting and costly. With our team of staff have put over 20 years of collective experience, including that of Dr. Julie Utsey―board certified and licensed to practice in Alabama and Mississippi since 1992.

Dr. Utsey opened Butler Dental with a focus on dentures and a personal philosophy that everyone deserves to feel good about their smile. Located in a historic building in Butler, AL, we are dedicated to the community and the people that make it. We offer custom-made partial and complete dentures, created on site, so they are ready for you quickly; often within the same day.

Consultations are free, and our products cost hundreds of dollars less than the competition so you can achieve a healthy and happy smile.

If you are ready to take this step in restoring your dental health, visit our office or give us a call! We are more than happy to advise you on the dentures you need.

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