Same Day Dentures in Alabama & Mississippi

In the past, it would take between four to six weeks to get a new pair of dentures―a long time to wait for something needed for everyday activities like talking and eating. Fortunately, the four to six-week wait is a thing of the past. Residents can now take advantage of Butler Dental’s same-day dentures and partials in Alabama and Mississippi!

At Butler Dental, we can typically give you a new set of dentures the same day you walk into our office, allowing you to step out with a brand new smile. Whether you need a full set of dentures or partials, you’ll find that our pricing is affordable. Visit us, today, or call to learn more!

What Are Instant Dentures?

Most people will lose at least one adult tooth during their lifetimes. However, it’s very common for people to lose their full set of teeth for reasons ranging from severe periodontal diseases to facial trauma. No matter the scenario, your teeth are required in your daily life.

Instant dentures are entirely removable and are inserted immediately after your teeth are lost. They are incredibly sturdy and stable, letting you maintain your smile forever.

How Do They Differ From Regular Dentures?

After your teeth have been pulled, your dentist will take measurements of your gums and then design the set of dentures in a lab. Once the designs are processed and the dentures are created, you’ll receive your dentures within four to six weeks. With immediate dentures, your restoration is designed ahead of time. Your dentist takes measurements of your jaw before extracting the remaining teeth and designs the dentures before they are needed. Once your remaining teeth are removed, new dentures are available to be used the very same day.

There is often a healing process associated with tooth extractions, making follow-up appointments very vital. As your jaw heals, the dentures may not fit quite right at first. Fortunately, at Butler Dental, our dentist can make adjustments as necessary.

What Is the Cost of Immediate Dentures?

The price of dentures will vary significantly from one patient to the next. Immediate dentures are typically more expensive than traditional dentures because there is a more advanced creation and fitting process at play; however, you can schedule a consultation at our office to get a quote beforehand.

Get in touch with your dental insurance company to see if your insurance can cover a portion, if not all of the cost.

What Are the Benefits of Instant Dentures?

The primary advantage of immediate dentures is that you can eat and talk normally right away. When given a period of time without enough of your teeth, you may be unable to chew certain healthy foods, like fibrous fruits and vegetables. When some people lose their teeth, they become more reliant on processed meals with fewer nutrients because they are softer. You can eat whatever you like right after the treatment.

Even if your new dentures fit perfectly, it will take some time to adjust to them. Give yourself a few days to acclimate and if your dentures continue to be uncomfortable for weeks later, revisit us to get them altered.

Dental Restoration With Same Day Dentures in Alabama and Mississippi?

Schedule a consultation at Butler Dental to see which treatment is right for you. In addition to instant dentures, we also provide partial dentures, extractions, and bleaching trays. You can find us in Butler, Alabama where Dr. Julie Utsey is ready to help you get the smile of your dreams. We welcome anyone who lives in Mississippi or Alabama to come over and learn more about getting a healthier smile.

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