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How Expensive Are Dentures?

Someone’s smile tells a lot about a person, and when someone is missing teeth, it can be hard to feel fully confident. Missing teeth affect how and what one eats, and they can even affect how someone speaks.

Dentures are false teeth that are attached to a supporting arch, and they can be put in and taken out for convenience. Because they are removable, they are easy to clean. When looking for affordable dentures in Butler, AL, it is a good idea to understand the different types and what affects the price.

Types of Dentures

Everyone is different when it comes to what types of dentures are needed, so we offer different kinds to fit every need.

Partial dentures are designed to replace one tooth or more, so it is a good choice for clients who still have some of their own teeth.
Partials keep the other teeth from moving around, which keeps the upper and lower jaws stable.

Complete dentures are designed when all teeth are missing or when some teeth are too decayed and need to be removed. Complete, or full dentures can replace the bottom teeth, the top ones or both.

Standard dentures are designed for those looking for affordable dentures in Butler, AL. These are only available in one tooth and gum shade. They require an adhesive, so they fit more securely, and they may not feel as comfortable or look as real as other denture options.

Custom dentures are designed for clients who are looking for an even more natural-looking smile. Our dentist measures different aspects of your mouth and smile and then builds the dentures based on that, and this results in a look that is customized uniquely to you.

Another more natural-looking option that lasts longer are our glamour bleached white dentures. These come with the sharpest and most customizable teeth, along with a clear palate and choice of gum color for a bright and modern looking smile.

Factors That Affect the Price of Dentures

Number of teeth missing – A client who only needs to replace one or two teeth will typically pay less than someone who needs to replace the teeth of the upper or lower jaw or the whole mouth.
  • Location of the replacement dentures – A client may be missing teeth in the front or in the back. A denture that replaces the teeth in the back is more expensive than for teeth in the front.
  • Denture type – The price of dentures can vary widely based on the type it is. A set of standard dentures will cost less than implant dentures.
  • Support type – A denture stays in the mouth thanks to a certain type of support. Dentures that are supported by soft tissue are less expensive than those supported by natural teeth. Dentures that are supported by implants are the most expensive.
  • Denture material – Dentures can be made out of different types of material, and this also affects the cost of dentures. Acrylic dentures are typically the least expensive, while those made with cast metal or titanium are often more expensive.
  • Denture customization – Dentures will vary greatly in price due to how customized they are. The standard types will cost much less than those that are designed based on the client’s mouth and other requirements.
In our office, partial dentures start at $300, while upper or lower standard dentures start at $250. A full set of standard dentures start at $400 but remember the final cost varies based on a number of factors.

Dentures at Butler Dental

When choosing dentures, it is important to consider how they make you look as well as the cost. At Butler Dental, we make all dentures in house, which helps cut down on cost.

It also means you will be able to wear your dentures sooner than if we had to order them from elsewhere. Contact us for a consultation to see what dentures best suit your needs.

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