Natural Looking Dentures

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Natural Looking Dentures

You have probably heard the tale that George Washington wore dentures made of wood. While the first President of the United States did indeed wear dental appliances, they were made of ivory and human teeth. A few of the teeth were even his as he had all of his teeth pulled throughout the course of his life. By the time he was sworn in as President, he only had one left. President Washington hated his dentures, complaining that they fit poorly and were painful. It's a safe bet they didn't appear particularly natural either. Luckily, however, we have better, more natural looking dentures available today!

How Do I Get Natural Looking Dentures?

Since every person's natural teeth look different, dentures must be made to fit each specific individual. Dentures must be the right size and shape to fit your mouth, and the color must be carefully considered. Some people want the most natural looking dentures possible, with an appearance close to that of their natural teeth. A qualified dental professional can advise and guide you on your options and the pros and cons of each one. 

How Do I Keep my Dentures Looking Natural?

Once you have your new teeth and are pleased with how they look, it is time to focus on keeping the best looking dentures possible. A few simple steps taken each day should do the job. Ask your dentist what cleaning methods and products are best suited to your dentures. A typical cleaning process involves soaking with some sort of cleaning tablet, brushing to remove particles, and rinsing with clean water.

The other important part of keeping your dentures looking good is storing them properly according to your dentist's recommendations. Most dentures are made from acrylic and need to be kept wet when they are not being worn to prevent warping. You also want to keep them in a safe place away from pets or small children.

If you are embarrassed by your dentures or they don't fit well, don't suffer another day. A competent professional, like the ones at Butler Dental, can fit your dentures to make you want to smile again. With Butler Dental, we make sure you do not have to wait for weeks. We have your new natural looking dentures ready in just one day. The consultation is always free, so you have nothing to lose except uncomfortable dentures. A full set of standard dentures starts at just $400 so do not wait. Boost your confidence and enjoy your meals and your smile more without worrying about your teeth.